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Created 5-Nov-12
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I took this picture of a Cooper's hawk the morning after hurricane Ike. If you think you had a bad night during hurricane Ike. think about being a hawk out in the storm. But look in his eyes. He has not given up. As I got closer and closer to him, he looked like he was ready to attack me. Finally he flapped his wings and about a gallon of water came out of his feathers. He made it up to a limb in a tree and then scowled back at me. That's what living life is all about!

I believe that as a human being it is not possible to discuss life without talking about death. Death frames life like a photograph is framed by the edges. Without edges there is no photograph. The best photograph I have of this juxtaposition between death and life, between black and white, was taken on the skeleton Coast of Namibia. Two jackals are eating a baby seal as the mother screams in anguish. Jackals have to eat to preserve their species and seals must procreate to maintain their species. What a delicate balance, the Yin and the Yang

One last thought about "Life". As theorist Georges Didl-Huberman writes in his book about four photographs from Auschwitz, “Images do not say the truth but are a fragment of it. The image is neither nothing nor one nor all."

I posit that each of our lives is like an image on a photograph, framed by the edges that are like our birth and death. Our lives do not say the truth about humanity but are a fragment of it. Each of our lives means neither nothing nor one nor all.
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